Essay on Pollution for Board Students and Children

500+ Words Complete Pollution Essay in English Introduction In today’s era, the risk of pollution is increasing. Maintaining balance in nature is very important for all of us, but in today’s time, various types of increasing pollution are causing imbalances in nature. Due to which there is a great threat to the human species and …

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How to write essay on Rangilo Rajasthan

The naming of Rajasthan – How to write an essay on Rangilo Rajasthan in 500 words for the board examination? Rajputana state is our Rajasthan state made by the integration of small Rajput princely states after the country gets independence. This area has been an area of valor and valor since ancient times. There is …

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Essay on Medium of communication

The medium of communication in India – How to write an essay on The medium of communication in India in 500 words for the board examination? The present period is the era of the latest scientific inventions. New inventions are also coming out in the field of telecommunications. Currently, the invention of many electronic devices …

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Essay on Childhood battling child labor

Who does Child labor – After independence, due to many problems, economic disparity and poverty could not be resolved properly. The people of the lower class have to work day and night to raise the bread of June 2, even then they continue to struggle with the problem of feeding themselves and their children. Due …

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Importance of moral education

Importance of moral education – The utility of moral education is for the individual, society, and nation. Moral education has special importance and utility in student life. Only through moral education, students can create a beautiful character and personality. By getting moral education, the future of the student becomes bright and dignified and by being …

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Importance of newspapers

Importance of newspapers – In present times, newspapers and magazines have special importance. Newspapers are very important tools in the country’s commercial progress. Information on government and non-government jobs are mainly printed in newspapers nowadays. Similarly, the public is benefited by the publication of advertisements related to bride and groom related marital advertisements, property purchase, …

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Essay on Benefits of country travel for student and children

Benefits of country travel

Human beings have many benefits from country travel. This expands human knowledge. The religious or historical places where students are able to read the description only in books, knowledge increases further by seeing those places directly. Famous temples of South India, the ruins of Harappa and Sarnath, the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, the Taj Mahal of Agra, the Red Fort of Delhi, Hawa Mahal in Jaipur and Jantar-Mantar, etc., can be learned from the country only. Knowledge of all the things related to customs, food, social tradition, civilization, and natural environment, etc. can be learned from the country. If it entertains, then acquaintance with new people also increases. In this way, the country is very beneficial.


Human mind and mind 

The human mind is beset by vices called curiosity and curiosity. Due to these practices, he is alert to see new things, understand them, be attracted to new places, and visit new places. Thus touring to new places and different terrains are called country travel. By visiting, man gets the opportunity to see different geographical surroundings, and his knowledge increases.

Benefits of country travel, country travel
Benefits of country travel


System of country travel

Country travel is a part of a human’s way of free and free life. Its arrangement can be based on each person’s interest and country-specific. In the present era, the country has become very popular and it can be easily visited around the world. Nevertheless, it is necessary for every traveler to have knowledge of the customs, language, food, and etiquette of the country he is going to visit. He should also have knowledge of the scenic places, historical monuments there. For this, he should keep a map of the place and the introductory booklet with him. 

Some essentials for the journey must be carried along. Money should also be fully arranged. If such a necessary arrangement is made, if any partner or unfamiliar companion is found, then it should also be arranged. Once you get a companion, you get a lot of help, and problems of the road can be faced.



 If a man came into this mortal world and did not see different parts, did not closely observe the beauty of nature, then his priceless life is really meaningless. Therefore, we should perform the movement according to our economic power and family status, increasing our public experience continuously. Country travel is essential for the success of life.

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Essay on Good use of time | Use time properly

Essay on – Good use of time and Use time properly in 500 words for the board exam. Importance of time – Time is most valuable in human life. Time is also called ‘Kaal’. Time is constantly moving, fleeting, and variable. With the help of knowledge science, man has taken control over physical means, but time …

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Essay on the miracle of science for Student board exam | Essay on the miracle of Science

Introduction to Science Miracle Essay

The modern era is called the age of science. Science is behind all that is happening around us today. Our daily life is completely dependent on science. Science is a big role in whatever activities we do from getting up in the morning to sleeping in the evening. In today’s time, we cannot even imagine our life without science.

Essay on the miracle of Science

We can say that in today’s time science is an integral part of our life. Along with the development of human civilization, science has also developed at a fast pace. From the smallest need to the biggest need, we feel the need for science. In the modern era, science is used in the field of education in the field of entertainment, in the field of medicine, and in the field of war.

The importance of science in the field of entertainment

Science also has an important role in the field of entertainment clean and Healthy India Essay for Students in 500 words. Due to science, we have many means of entertainment available today. Such as – online entertainment programs, comedy shows, funny videos, online games, online movies, etc. In today’s time, pictures are also enjoyed along with voice by television and video

Essay on the miracle of science


Importance of science in the field of education

The light which is being seen in the whole world today is due to science. The copies, books, paper, pencils, pens, etc. we use. This is all a result of science. In today’s digital age, our education has also become digital. Today all students are educated through digital devices. Discovering computers for digital education is the result of science. Due to science, today lakhs of students from abroad are sitting online studying at home.

Due to science, today many students are increasing their store of knowledge through YouTube. You are increasing your knowledge by attending YouTube live classes. In today’s digital age, students are giving tests on mobiles online, this is also the result of science. In today’s digital age, lakhs of students are studying through e-books. Thus, it can be said that science has an important role in the field of education. Without science, the field of education is incomplete.

Importance of science in the news world

In today’s digital age all news of the news world reaches us through e-books. Due to this, we can easily study on our mobile. We get all kinds of news of the world immediately, it is the result of science. Today, we get information from around the world through telephone, fax, email, etc. Radio television and newspapers keep us informed about the news around the world.

Importance of science in the field of medicine

Science has an incomparable contribution to the field of medicine. In the field of medicine, many such devices have been discovered in today’s time, which can detect any disease of our body properly. In instruments like X-ray, sonography, today even the internal diseases of the human body can be properly detected. In today’s science age, even the biggest operations can be successfully done.

Importance of science in the field of war

At the present time, science has also made the art of war modern. Due to science, modern tools of war have been made today which can do all the work of the enemy in an instant. Due to science, fighter aircraft like Rafale are built today. Foreign invaders can be detected before the attack by an instrument called radar.

Importance of science in the field of traffic

Science has also made a big discovery in the field of traffic, due to which today one can travel in a very simple and enjoyable way. Due to the airplane, today one can reach from one country to another in no time. By traveling by air, we can cover a distance of millions of kilometers in no time, this has been possible only due to science. Importance of science in daily life – The importance of science in daily life is as follows. like –

1. Science has been possible to enjoy the cool air as soon as you press the button in the fierce heat.

2. Important tools of the agriculture sector, plow, improved seeds, fertilizers, etc. have been possible only due to science.

Science as a curse

There is no doubt that the gift of science will always be unforgettable in the history of human civilization, but if we give another aspect to it, science appears as a curse. The use of atomic bombs and rockets in world war remains a threat to world peace. Due to misuse of science, today, accidents like railway accidents, ceasefire violations occur every day.


Today there is no field in our life to which science does not have access. Science has made all countries rich with unlimited power today. Today, lakhs of people have got employment opportunities due to science. Today, due to science, we can cover a distance of millions of kilometers in just a few minutes. By making positive use of science, we can make many new important discoveries. It is because of science that we will start living like the earth in the future.


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