Clean and Healthy India Essay for Students in 500 words

Clean India and Healthy India Essay for Board Students in 500 easy words

Essay on Clean India and healthy india, clean and healthy india, clean india essay
Essay on Clean India and healthy india

There is a need for a Clean and Healthy India at the present time. In a country with litter and garbage, there are serious dangers. Dirt certainly destroys the beauty of our country. In addition, many diseases can result. Many people fall ill due to improper waste disposal. Therefore, the subject of Clean India is discussed in detail in this article.

Plan for Clean and Healthy India Campaign

Before the beginning of the cleanliness drive in the country, proper planning was done. Many well-known people were instrumental in planning the Clean and Healthy India campaign in the country. The main objective of the Clean India Mission was to remove 90% of the dirt in the country by 2019 and create a clean and healthy India.

How to create a clean and healthy India

The youth of India can create a clean and healthy India in many ways. First of all, keep a small poly-bag with you. Best of all, always keep a recycled paper bag with you. If you have a little bit of garbage, you put it in the garbage. Some people throw garbage where they stand, which is not correct. Indians should use dustbins to throw garbage.

How to work for a clean and healthy India

The vehicles of the current, Clean India Abhiyan pick up the garbage on the streets of every city and dispose of the garbage at the right place. Not only in the city, but this campaign has reached every village in India. Although the villages are cleaner than the city, the main objective of the campaign in this clean India is to clean every corner of India.

Prime Minister Modi’s goal is to make the country of India cleaner and healthier than other countries of the world, but this will be possible only when all the Indian people will support this campaign properly.

Who released a clean and healthy India?

The scheme was launched by the Prime Minister of the country “Narendra Modi Ji” during the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations in 2014. The main reason behind this Clean India and Healthy India was to bring sanitation in rural and urban areas. Which included all the roads, lakes, rivers, forests, and backward level areas of the country?

If all the young companions of India join hands in this campaign, India will leave a mark of cleanliness in other countries. Every Indian would feel proud if India got the No.1 status in cleanliness.

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What is the meaning of Clean India and Green India?

According to me, the meaning of Clean India and Green India – Recently, the Prime Minister of the country announced a campaign called Klan India Abhiyan. The objective of this campaign is to bring cleanliness. Cleanliness will not come only from cleanliness, for this we have to plant four more trees.

Why Clean India is important?

Clean India was launched by the Government of India to solve the problems of sanitation and waste management to ensure cleanliness in the country and to realize Gandhiji’s dream. The performance of high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in India is important to change the overall global perception of people about our country

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