Essay on Good use of time | Use time properly

Essay on – Good use of time and Use time properly in 500 words for the board exam.

Importance of time Time is most valuable in human life. Time is also called ‘Kaal’. Time is constantly moving, fleeting, and variable. With the help of knowledge science, man has taken control over physical means, but time is unbeatable. Forgotten lore, lost respect, lost wealth, lost health, and lost friends or relatives may be reunited, but the past is not found again. Time is equal for all and time never waits for anyone. One who regrets not using time properly. Hence it has been said that “time is needed to punish.”

Need for timely utilization – The secret of the success of human life is hidden in the utilization of time. The normal person also becomes great with the use of time. The secret of success of his life has been the use of time in the world. Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and Chacha Nehru was very punctual. He took full care of each moment. Timely use is considered the main reason in the progress of every society and country. Time or time does not stop, it keeps going, so waiting for time is considered unintelligent. One who can use the time well, he leads a successful life.

Essay on Good use of time and Use time properly
Essay on Good use of time

Benefit from the use of time – There are many benefits from the use of time in life. This does not make a person lazy. Doing each work at the right time does not make one regret later. Due to the proper utilization of time, our interest, and the work of society and country are also improved. Due to habitual use of time, daily lifestyle is streamlined and there is no loss or harm in any work. Time only helps the force. Therefore, it is beneficial in every way to use time properly.

Loss from time misuse – Disappointment, failure, dissatisfaction, and loss in life are at hand due to not using time properly. A person who misuses time is lazy, chatty, cynic, wandering in vain, mindless, and dutyless. Such a person is surrounded by deprivations and sufferings throughout his life. The students’ future is spoiled by not using the time properly. Failure to work on time later leads to repentance.

Epilogue – Currently Indian people are infamous for the time. Indians are often considered not to be punctual and not to understand its importance. By using time properly, it is not only the interest of the individual but also of the whole society and nation. This paves the way for progress. Timely utilization is the key to all successes.

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