Essay on India of my dreams

How to write an essay on India of my dreams in 500 words for the board exam.

Human thinking – Human is a thoughtful creature. Whether he is in solitude or in social life, he keeps thinking. His thoughts are sometimes limited to himself and sometimes go to the society and the nation. Sometimes I do not think about home-family, employment-business and spiritual people, and think that if my dreams become India, then how good will it be.

My feeling towards newly independent India – I have many thoughts, many wishes, and dreams in my mind about newly developing democratic India. I sometimes start spreading wings of my imagination and I am determined to build India in my imagination. This is why I think that if my dreams become India in the 21st century, then what a happy future will be.

India of the 21st century – 21st century has started. How will the India of my dreams be in the 21st century, what things will grow in it, they can be outlined here in this way. In my dream India, there will be equality, brotherhood, affection, and virtue. My aspiration is to have an India in which there is neither poverty nor economic inequality. There should be an equal distribution of wealth, the big capitalists themselves leave the Dhanlipsa and help the weaker section and do not exploit others. 

Essay on India of my dreams
Essay on India of my dreams

Everyone can run his employment and be self-supporting by standing on his feet. Along with this, there should be no caste-high status in the society, there should be no communalism in the guise of religion. I think that in the 21st century India, there will be severe penalties for eliminating the corrupt and there will be a system of severe punishment for corrupt traders, black marketers, bribery, thieves, and bandits. 

In my dream India, the public should be freed from all kinds of diseases, there will not be famine-excesses or natural outbreaks, everyone’s life should be advanced and prosperous, this is my wish.

Wish for progressive India – Today’s era is the era of science. New inventions of science are taking place in other nations of the world. I wish that there is immense progress in the field of science in our India too. In the coming period, many industries should be set up in India and the percentage of production in them should increase, export-trade increased and the standard of living should be improved with the increase in income in national life. 

Therefore, I want to build such an India in the 21st century, in which there should be substantial progress in all fields, educational, economic, scientific, industrial, cultural, etc. and the pride of India should increase.

Epilogue – I want to see our country India as prosperous and luxurious, but it cannot be done only by my thinking. That is why all Indians also started thinking in this way and if all of them work hard in the work of national progress, then it can come on a good day.

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