Essay on My ideal teacher

How to write an essay on My ideal teacher in 500 words for the board exam.

Importance of Guru in society – In ancient times the importance of Guru has been paramount in our society. Guru, Acharya, teacher, or teacher are all synonyms. A Guru is an artist who builds the personality of his disciples with great skill and ease. It is the Guru who prepares the best citizens who are knowledge-conscious and conducts interviews with God. In this way, the teacher or teacher is the creator of human life, the ideal society, and the nation.

Personality and nature of the ideal teacher – The personality and nature of my esteemed teacher are very impressive. The name of these Guruji is Ramesh Singh. His body, gaur-varna, tall-full height, and well-built body, advanced nose, large deep auricular and wide auricle, etc. are all effective and attractive. Guruji is the senior teacher of Hindi in our school. He always wears a white dhoti and khadi kurta and is a man of simplicity.

The outer personality of my Guruji is as attractive, the better is his nature. They treat all students affectionately and ask them to behave well. Guruji is polite, truthful, and sweet-spoken. He is very good at other teachers and employees of the school. They have all the qualities and characteristics of the best ideal teacher.

Essay on My ideal teacher
Essay on My ideal teacher

Guruji’s exemplary life – My Guruji’s routine is exemplary. They retire from routine work every morning and go for regular tours and come to school after having food. They conduct the school’s prayer meeting. After the prayer, for 5 minutes they give instructive lectures on new topics every day. After that, they regularly teach in there class. Characterizing the text, answering oral questions, and mentioning other related things are the characteristics of their reading style. 

He comes home in the evening and does self-study. On Sunday, they try to contact the parents and spend half an hour in social service. In this way, Guruji’s routines are regular and disciplined.

Guruji’s Impact on Students – Everyone knows the name of respected Guruji Ramesh Singh in all schools and all towns. Students meet them respectfully and get satisfied by resolving their doubts. Guruji’s behavior toward students is full of intimacy. They help the poor and helpless students immensely. He is an extremely disciplined and virtuous person. We are all impressed by his ideal character.

Epilogue – “Guru Govind Dau Khadke Kaakan Pahpan, Balihari Guru Apane Govind Deo Batay” – According to Kabir’s statement he is the ideal teacher for me and is a preacher of good conduct along with imparting knowledge to us. With these characteristics, they are always praiseworthy for us.

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