Essay on Pollution for Board Students and Children

Essay on Pollution, 500+ Words Complete Pollution Essay in English,
Essay on Pollution

500+ Words Complete Pollution Essay in English


In today’s era, the risk of pollution is increasing. Maintaining balance in nature is very important for all of us, but in today’s time, various types of increasing pollution are causing imbalances in nature. Due to which there is a great threat to the human species and animals. We know that we need pure air, clean water, and nutritious food to survive, but in today’s changing times the level of purity of water, air, land, or environment is rapidly decreasing.

Meaning of pollution

Pollution is also called environmental pollution. Pollution literally means impure, impure and contaminated, etc. If the term pollution is defined it means – natural elements like water, air, soil, etc. Or a mixture of pollutants in the environment is called pollution. We can say that any type of change in the environment (physical, chemical, or biological) that affects the natural quality and utility of the environment is called pollution. It has an effect on human life and other animals.

Types of pollution

In this era of technology, many types of pollution have arisen, the main ones being water, air, soil, sound, and radioactive pollution.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is a decrease in water quality and utility, due to which there is a continuous reduction in usable and potable water. Water pollution is having a very harmful effect on aquatic organisms, plants, and human life.

Air Pollution

Air is polluted due to pollution. The main cause of air pollution is a mixture of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, chlorofluorocarbons, sulfur dioxide in the air. The main reason for the emission of these gases is due to various reasons such as large industries, automobiles, and items used in daily life such as refrigerator computers, etc. Air pollution increases.

Soil Pollution 

Any change in the physical, chemical, or biological properties of the soil, which can affect the quality and usefulness of the soil, is called soil pollution. It has an effect on humans and other living beings. Soil pollution is caused by various reasons such as industrial waste, agricultural waste, household waste, etc. which mainly affects the production capacity of soil and surface water.

Noise pollution

Turbulence in the environment or high-level noise that disrupts our daily routine is called noise pollution. which affects our mental state and routine.

Effect & Causes of pollution
  • The increasing amount of contaminated and poisonous substances and lack of awareness in their disposal is the main reason for the increasing pollution.
  • Extremely fatal effects are being seen on nature and human life due to ever-increasing pollution.
  • The main reasons that affect the quality and utility of water are man-made waste and other sources of water in the river, the release of toxic chemicals and dirty water by the industrial into rivers and wastewater, etc. Due to this the water pollution is increased.
  • The purity of air is very important for our lives. The main reasons for polluting the air are the smoke emanating from the vehicles, smoke generated by industries, indiscriminate cutting of trees, etc., which cause air pollution.
  • Due to the turbulent environment, human work capacity, routine and mental balance are being affected, due to which human nature is becoming irritable and violent.
  • There is a continuous decrease in potable water, due to lack of water purity, health-related diseases to animals, birds, and humans are causing many types of fatal diseases like typhoid, cholera, etc.
Pollution control measures
  • The waste should not be thrown in the open, dustbin should be used according to the waste.
  • If possible, use CNG-powered vehicles instead of petrol or diesel-powered vehicles.
  • Use plastic and glass items sparingly and do not throw them away after use and reuse is possible.
  • By planting more and more trees, we can control air pollution and its related pollution.
  • Do not waste petrol or diesel on bikes, cars, etc. when not needed. So that resources and the environment are protected.
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