How to write essay on Rangilo Rajasthan

The naming of Rajasthan – How to write an essay on Rangilo Rajasthan in 500 words for the board examination? Rajputana state is our Rajasthan state made by the integration of small Rajput princely states after the country gets independence. This area has been an area of valor and valor since ancient times. There is a unique sense of colorful traditions, many customs, and zonal features here. For this reason, it is called a colorful region of vibrant culture and diverse traditions.

Colorful form of Rajasthan – From the natural point of view, the northwestern part of Rajasthan looks golden due to the sandy soil, so the south-eastern part is greenish. There are many historical fortifications, fortresses, palaces, temples, and pilgrimage sites here. Here on the one hand there have been heroines like Panna, Tara, Padmini, Mahamaya, etc., on the other hand, women like Mirabai, Karmabai, etc. have evoked the spirit of devotion. Due to the valor, valor, colorful folk culture, and superior traditions, each and every part of the state of Rajasthan looks beautiful.

Rajasthan’s Su-Rangi Culture – The culture of Rajasthan holds its own unique identity. There is a tradition of giving shelter to the enemy here and honoring the guest openly. There is an abundance of religious fasts and festivals here. Apart from Holi, Rakshabandhan, Teej-Gangaur, Sheetlashtami, etc. many regional festivals are celebrated here and folk deities fairs are held in many places. Tirtharaj Pushkar, Nathdwara, Mahavir, Diggi Kalyan, Kailadevi, Khatu Shyam, Ajmer Dargah, etc. The pilgrimage area is a symbol of religious faith. Here various sports and scenes of jackals, Gairas, Ramat, Ghoomars, Dhamalas, Khyalas, song-tamas, etc. are seen in various seasons. Due to this, the entire environment of various regions of the Rajasthan region becomes colorful in every season. They make the culture here feel colorful.

How to write essay on Rangilo Rajasthan
An essay on Rangilo Rajasthan

Rajasthan’s tinted roof – The surface of Rajasthan is dry from above, but in its geology copper, lead, asbestos, zinc, etc. metals are selected along with metals – cement and timber and precious stones are found in abundance. There are many artistic monuments, Vijay-Toran, Bavdiya, Pokhara and Chhatris. Artistic murals, sculptures, meenakari, sculpture, clay and lacquer toys, etc. are found on all the estates and buildings. Despite the dry and scarce rural life, people here see fun, easygoingness, and warm-heartedness. Due to all these reasons, the tantrums of Rajasthan attract everyone.

Importance of colorful RajasthanRajasthan Pradesh with its historical-cultural traditions, folk-beliefs, crafts-sculptures, architectural paintings and vivid costumes of diverse colors, etc., where it is seen as colorful, it is an impression of liveliness and zenith of public life. Feels extremely taut due to Rajasthan has special significance from all these points of view.

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