Importance of moral education

Importance of moral education – The utility of moral education is for the individual, society, and nation. Moral education has special importance and utility in student life. Only through moral education, students can create a beautiful character and personality. By getting moral education, the future of the student becomes bright and dignified and by being a future citizen of the country, the entire nation gets the benefit of moral conduct. High ideals, best traditions, and moral values ​​are also established in the country only. Therefore, moral education has special utility for creating a brighter life.

Dissemination of moral education – The social and cultural progress of every nation depends on the education system there. After independence in our country, there has been a lot of progress in the field of education and at present, there is the qualitative and numerical spread of education in various cadres of arts, commerce, science, medicine, etc. Yet a drawback is that there is not much attention on moral education here. With this, the Indian young generation is becoming sans-free and completely materialistic.

Importance of moral education
Importance of moral education

Nature of moral education – In ancient India, moral education was emphasized for character development in the Vidyashrams. At that time there was a competition among students to adopt moral ideals. But India remained subordinate for hundreds of years, due to which the nature of education was not only character-building but only earning money. Due to this, moral education declined here. Lack of honesty, devotion, philanthropy, social service, generosity, goodwill, human compassion, and sublime behavior, etc. are considered to be the result of the degradation of this moral education.

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Adjustment of moral education – The worshipers of Indian culture supported the spread of moral education by reflecting on the merits of the present education system. As a result, moral education is being adjusted at the primary-secondary education level. Based on ancient policy-related education, stories, and characters of historical legends, etc., the text of moral education has been prepared. In fact, student life is a school of conduct. Therefore, the education will be given to the student, as the rites will be given to him, later on, he will become a citizen. Keeping this in mind, moral education has been adjusted.

EpilogueMoral education is the main tool for the elevation of the human personality, cultured life, and the whole social interest. By this, corruption, selfishness, pomp, gluttony, deceit, and intolerance, etc. are prevented. The development of humanistic consciousness is also possible from this. For the development of life with lofty and high ideals, there is a great need for moral education.

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